And we’re back!

I’m not going to lie. Last year’s discovery of the new changes to VAT issued by the EU were detrimental to the growth and expansion of Red Thread Voices. And, for a time, we had to remove From Revolutionary Lips, our first e-publication, from sale. This was hugely disappointing.

However, to combat the complete silencing of these poems, we released a free audio copy with the hopes that later in 2015 we’d be able to re-release the pdf copy in all its glory. It means such an awful lot to be able to tell you that that day is here, and you can finally get your copy of From Revolutionary Lips now from this link: From Revolutionary Lips.

We invite you to Pay-What-You-Can, with the minimum price set at £10.  And, of course, if you have any questions at all, please do just ask.

The business of becoming

The From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour continues today with a stop with our beautiful host Nona Jordan. She is sharing an incredibly rich and vital conversation that we had about the ways in which this collection speaks to women in business. It was such a gift to me to explore FRL from this perspective – and I think it’s a gift you’ll love receiving….

Your Wildish Soul

Still to get your copy of From Revolutionary Lips? You can do that here….

What unfolding really looks like

So honoured to be sharing today’s post from the From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour, as today we are visiting Red Thread Voices very own designer Tracey Selingo.

Tracey and I entered into such a beautiful deep conversation which begins by exploring the poem Where She Broke. If you know the collection, then this alone should intrigue you – and if this work is new to you, you can listen to me read the poem aloud before we dive into a discussion around it…


This Is What Happens When The Soul Howls


You can buy your copy of From Revolutionary Lips now, as both ebook and audio.

Dancing revolutionaries

Just love this interview with Amanda Oaks of Words Dance Publishing! We dive into the process of writing, of publishing, of portraiture… *and* she shares another poem from the collection – this one is called Latent. Love that she chose this one to share – and I think you will too…


The Dance Interview Series – From Revolutionary Lips With Amy Palko


And remember, you can still purchase your copy of From Revolutionary Lips – both pdf and audio – from this link.

What will everybody think?

Ready for something really rich and resonant and true? Then you’re going to want to listen to this delicious conversation between Sas Petherick and I, which she recorded and is sharing on her blog today. We talk about women, madness, and the desire to spill our messy beautiful truth.

Also, if you want an opportunity to win a copy of From Revolutionary Lips, she’s giving one away!


Talking About A Revolution


If From Revolutionary Lips is new to you, then you can find out all about it here. 

When will I release the voice….

So deeply blessed to be visiting with Ronna Detrick on today’s stop on the From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour. Ronna asked me some really juicy questions about the sacredness of women’s voices, women’s stories… what to know what the sacred dressed in red sounds like? Hint: revolutionary.

Ooh, and she shares a poem from the collection that I know you’re going to love – it’s called Listen….


Sacred Dressed in Red


Feeling the sacred call of these poems? From Revolutionary Lips is on sale now!