Deficient and exemplary and everything in between….

When Rachael Maddox invited me to explore the poem Geography with her, it felt like the most delicious kind of play – wholly irresistible. It gives me such pleasure to share this exploration with you today as part of the From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour. I can’t thank Rachael enough for opening up this space of enquiry for this poem – it’s like she knew this poem longed for this kind of honouring….




And there’s more where this came from. From Revolutionary Lips is now available as both ebook and pdf.

You are not alone

Today’s host of the From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour is the luminous Liz Lamoreux. She has written such an exquisite post that shares and speaks to the poem Wounds, as part of her series exploring women’s voices in poetry. As she says, “poetry has helped me find a home inside myself where I know I’m not alone.”

Read and feel yourself well met…. 


Wounds and Open Doors 


Don’t have your copy of From Revolutionary Lips yet? You can get it now – available as both e-book and audio.

Hanging out for a revolution

Yesterday the gorgeous  Julie Daley and I hung out on Google and talked about women, poetry and desire. It was such a profoundly juicy conversation that touched on how to create safe spaces to share your art with the world, how women can support one another to amplify our voices in the world, and where desire lives in the body.

The really cool thing about doing a Live Google Hangout is that it is recorded and then posted to YouTube – which means that even if you missed the conversation as it happened, you can still listen in now!


Unabashed & Revolutionary – Women, Poetry & Desire


Oh, and you can grab your very own copy of From Revolutionary Lips here – written and audio versions available…

Listen in on a forbidden conversation….

Cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that the From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour is beginning today with a Forbidden Conversation with the radiant revolutionary Foxy Sparkles at the helm! Do click through to have a listen to our conversation – it’s incredibly rich and fertile. As conversations between two women committed to spilling their truth so often are….

A From Revolutionary Lips Forbidden Conversation!!


And if you haven’t picked up your copy of From Revolutionary Lips yet, you can do that now!

The revolution is almost upon us….


From Revolutionary Lips – available from 7th November.

That’s tomorrow, folks – tomorrow!! Feeling so much energy stirring around this work. So much….

Today feels like the expectant hush that falls just before a performance. The audience collectively settles into the moment, and attention becomes focused. And then, the music, the drama, the sound, begins to meet each of us where we sit. This. This is what I’m feeling right now. We’ve all found our way to our seats. Our handbags have been placed on the floor, and our jackets shrugged off. There are a few around us still talking, still exchanging remarks and gentle laughter, but soon enough, even this melts into the silence.

And then expectancy is all that remains in the midst of this sacred pause. We are in this moment. Right now.

Tomorrow, when I release these poems to the world, to you, my love, then this moment of waiting will be over, and we will feel ourselves met by the images, the words, the voice that has been longing to speak this poetry out loud. But right now, our period of waiting is at its zenith. And together, we hold our breath….

Getting up close


From Revolutionary Lips – available from 7th November.

So, on Friday, From Revolutionary Lips will be available to purchase as an ebook and as an audio. The pdf is over 90 pages, and the audio is just under an hour. 27 poems written over 18 months. We are talking an offering of weight, of presence, of full gestation.

It really is quite something to get this close to launch day and begin to see just what it is that you’ve created. I’m immensely proud of this work. And I’m really scared of it too. Completing the audio, I was reminded of just how edgy some of these poems are. They talk about madness and darkness and self-violence and sex. As well as desire, identity, embodiment, surrender, receptivity, bliss. I don’t think these poems could ever be classified as “pleasant”, but I do think they’re resonant. And, to be honest, I’d choose resonant over pleasant every time.

In an interview that I did with Foxy which will be shared next week as part of the From Revolutionary Lips, she described me as Mary Oliver but darker. Which I loved! And I know why she makes the comparison and the differentiation… and after you’ve read the poems, I think you’ll see why too.

Reviewing everything before Friday, I’m feeling called to give a warning of “mature content”. Or perhaps, the more appropriate, “Here there be dragons”. Or, to speak more directly to the poetry itself, “Watch out for the misshaped creatures, formed in the shadows with no light to inform their shape, their nature, and which live in the subterranean pool of the psyche”. But that’s a bit more of a mouthful!

And I also feel like I want to ask you to go gently. With me. With the poems. With yourself. It really does feel like a piece of myself is being offered. And truly, the vulnerability of the artist on the verge of sharing their work is of a very specific excruciating quality. But we do it anyway – we share our work with the world. Because that’s why it came through us. It came through to be shared – not so that it could sit in a folder on your desktop until, years later, one Mercury Retrograde, your computer crashes and the work is lost.

So yes, here we brush up against reality. Exhilarating. Terrifying. And yet strangely reassuring. These poems were always meant to meet the world. And it is so nearly time for that moment of meeting.

To keep you going until that moment, here’s the audio of the Foreword of From Revolutionary Lips… enjoy!

What would you do?


From Revolutionary Lips – available from 7th November.

Deep breaths… we’re nearly there, my lovelies. So nearly there.

When I think about you (yes, you!) reading my poetry my heart beats a little faster. What an intense privilege to live in a world where I’m able to connect with like souls and kindred spirits like you. Knowing that I can write words in my journal with my red pen (because my words are written to be read….), and then share them through the ether so that they appear on your screen, in your hands, your eyes drinking them in, your heart beating a little faster…. Yep, a privilege. A true privilege.

In a very real sense, our limits have been lifted. And yet we’re still living as though those limits were still in place. What would you do if you truly knew that our limits had been lifted? I know what I’d do. I’d share these poems. Dance beyond the edge with me?

Announcing the From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour!!



In just a few short days, From Revolutionary Lips will be available for purchase as an ebook (plans are in the pipeline for hard copies), and to mark its birth, I’ve asked some of the women that I love and hugely admire if they’ll celebrate with me. So incredibly excited and honoured that they said yes!!

And so, from the 11th Nov to the 5th Dec, Mon-Fri, the From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour will be visiting the following women – each one an exquisite gem…







How’s that for a line-up? Pretty spectacular, right?

And I have to share with you also, that sharing your poetry with the world is already pretty edgy. Asking others to celebrate its release with you? A whole other level of edgy! And yet, each one of these women have not only agreed to host From Revolutionary Lips – they’ve done so enthusiastically and joyously. It reminds me that when I choose to dance at my edges, I invite others out to play with me, and I invite greater and greater experiences of communion, connection and collaboration.

I highly recommend that you check all of these amazing women out – each one is out there leading from her heart, dancing wildly with her shadows, and so beautifully embodying what it means to be fully herself in this moment and in the next. As I said, exquisite gems, every one.

So, the way this is going to work, is that, on each day of the tour, one of these women will host the From Revolutionary Lips Book Blog Tour. She will share a post that includes an interview, a review, a favourite poem, or something else relating to From Revolutionary Lips, and I’ll be making sure to share the link to that post here, to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Honestly, I can’t even tell you how incredibly juicy this is. I already know some of what is coming your way, and in all honesty, I’ve never seen or participated in anything like this before.

Make sure you pick up your copy of From Revolutionary Lips from the 7th November so that you can follow along, and join in this deeply delicious exploration of desire, darkness, devotion and all the ways in which these poems call you out to dance with your own wildly feminine self. It’s going to be epic!